What are the areas Ashif International Consultancy works for?

We work for your business improvement.

Ashif International Consultancy aims to provide all round of services to improve organizational efficiency. Our wide range of services are ideal for many companies or individuals. For instance, if you wish to start business, we provide strategic business consulting service, or if you require service on online support, we offer website development, SEO, SMM and if you require office support service (i.e. business writing, proofreading, preparing documentation, data analysis), we can assist you.

About us

We assist our clients on their operational, financial and organizational needs

Our core knowledge and skills set up to improve your organizational requirements. We strive to provide customized approach with mixed work experience in different fields. We key develop key innovative solution, methods, technique to increase your business operation overall as well as productivity in future expansion. Our advisory service offered effective recommendations for the implementation of each activity.

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Business Strategic and operational planning
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Demand forecasting
  • Import & trading consultancy
  • Office support services
  • Processing import and export documentation
  • Alpha & numeric data Analysis
  • Transport modeling
  • Business writing
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Our Services

Starting business require to have sound notion regarding strategy, operation and finance. The development of business needs well round of investment on time to leverage on next level of starting.

Small business consultancy service assists you with functional level of strategies and techniques to create successful business plan for your needs.

On continuous needs of virtual office support service, AIC offers administrative, secretarial and word processing services to its Clint by ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you are new in business and do not have enough notions about office management, managing organization daily works and looking for assistance; we are here to assist on your needs.

Unlike other service providers, we ensure complete service to the small business and self-employed professionals that allows you and your company to focus on business, products and service, leaving the administration and secretarial works to us.

Our extended services also include Web design & development, Search engine optimization (SEO) and Social media marketing (SMM).

We offer affordable website, SEO and digital marketing (SMM) services combine with your requirement and our expertise. During the project consultation process, we will discuss every aspect, requirements you wish to include on your site to establish a detail specification and quota best price.

We provide business writing services for small-medium business in different areas. With our professional experience on creating effective materials and transform your ideas into communication resources.

We offer writing services on report, assignment, business letters, press release, web copy, white paper, proposal and so on

Virtual admin support design to perform Clint’s work either on their own premises or from our premises using online connection. The services are complex and that’s why only professional personnel with technical know-how are performed.

If you need someone to do your office works but won’t wish hire extra staff, give us a call. We will provide all support you needed.

Starting a business often fail unless precise marketing research conducted about potential market (i.e. customers) and competitors. Market research allows you to answer all the hidden queries of your business.

Our one to one consultation strategy allows us to identify your needs with best care. If you not sure where to begin your business and don’t know your market and competitors, we will help you to prepare conversational business research report.

Data analysis is the critical factor to develop solution and making decision based on raw results. To make any decisions about business whether new product launch, forecasting market trends, hiring new staffs, investing on advertising, cutting expenses etc; data analysis is the best solution to get the result for your business.

We collect information from you and apply statistics techniques to generate ideas and interpret into meaningful data.

AIC assist its Clint to provide services on creating technical documents, content writing and document preparation and processing. The services are not limited on requirements and needs for small-medium business owner.

We start with understanding your business, product and service above all specifications before we proceed which involve one to one consultancy. We take proactive steps to ensure quality services with consistency.